[Webinar] Protect Your Most Trusted Mainframe Data Across the World in an Age of Heightened Cyber-security


Reimagine Mainframe
Data Management

in the Cloud
Unlock mission-critical data.
Modernize core infrastructure.
Protect from cyber threats.
Unlock mission-critical data.
Modernize core infrastructure.
Protect from cyber threats.

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Mainframe Innovation to Power Your Hybrid-Cloud Future

Model9 delivers mainframe data directly to any object storage - on-prem or in the cloud - and allows it to be used with cloud applications.

Provide cloud native mainframe backup, recovery and data management

Simplify and boost performance of your backup, archive and DR

  • Reduce processes elapsed times with cloud-based infrastructure
  • Replace backup, tapes and VTL software with on-prem or cloud-based data management

Protect your mainframe data from cyber threats

Secure mainframe data by protecting it from cyber attacks

  • Create immutable, isolated / air-gapped copies
  • Maintain enterprise compliance with regulatory requirements for data retention

Make your mainframe data actionable by connecting it with cloud AI/ML and analytics

Unlock mainframe data and use it with cloud-based AI/ML and analytics applications

  • Get your mission critical mainframe data to the cloud 
  • Convert it into open system format in the cloud environment, not the mainframe environment

Webinar: Protect Your Most Trusted Mainframe Data Across the World in an Age of Heightened Cyber-security

Join Microsoft Azure and Model9 and learn how to protect your organization’s most trusted mainframe data by storing it within—and across—geopolitical boundaries. At SPEED!


Protect your mainframe data from cyber-attacks and other business continuity risks.

A Gartner prediction

” By 2025, 35% of data center mainframe storage capacity for backup and archive will be deployed on the cloud to reduce costs and improve agility, which is an increase from less than 5% in 2020 “

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Our clients react

“I highly encourage anyone at the Virtual Tape Systems
(VTS) upgrade crossroads to take a serious look at Model9’s cloud data management solution.”

- Kent Swenson, Manager Enterprise Systems

“We were interested in moving away from dependence on VTL technologies and improving data management in the cloud. Model9 enabled us to achieve this with a smooth transition to the MinIO platform that also helped eliminate ongoing license costs.”

- Jeff Reineke, Director, Systems Engineering

“Model9 is revolutionizing mainframe data backup, storage and access in the same way that smart phones disrupted the cellular market. The combination of reliable product, simple installation and broad functionality eliminates the need for tape.”

- Operations Director at EMEA government bank

“Our experience in working with Model9 was very positive. Their cloud
data management solution is an exciting new development in modernizing legacy mainframe storage management.”

- Scott Ellis, SVP Information Systems

“Model9 is the future of mainframe secondary storage.”

- VP Storage & Architecture at an EMEA financial institution
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