At Model9, we are on a mission to accelerate digital transformation and adoption of cloud technologies and economics in large enterprises by modernizing mainframe data management and business intelligence.

Our patented technology delivers mainframe data to any cloud or on-premise storage platform, eliminating tape and virtual tape, and enabling secure integration with advanced analytics tools. Model9 is trusted by the world’s leading financial institutions, government agencies and transportation companies. We are a graduate of the IBM AlphaZone startup program as well as an AWS Advanced Technology Partner.

Mainframes are used as the core computing platform of the world’s largest and most critical businesses. 92 of the world’s top 100 banks, leading insurance carriers and many retail, healthcare and government organizations rely on Mainframes, that process 29 billion ATM transactions every year and are counted for $7.7 trillion in credit card payments annually.

Join us in this critical mission to unlock your organization’s mainframe data for a secure, cost-effective and analytics-based data management!


Gil Peleg

Founder and CEO

Omer Regev

Chief Financial Officer

Dan Shprung

Chief Revenue Officer

Eyal David

Chief Strategy Officer

Tamar Milstein

Chief Marketing Officer


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