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Model9’s Mainframe Data Management Performance Calculator

Discover how much faster you can manage mainframe data with Model9.

Faster than VTL / Tape

If you are still using VTL / tape to backup and archive your mainframe data, we invite you to see the performance gains you could be achieving with Model9. Our software-only solution writes data sets in parallel using TCP/IP, eliminating the legacy limitations of serial tape and achieving faster data transfer speeds to object storage than ever before. You can also optimize your tier-based storage to get the performance you need at any moment.

Backup Size TB
Network Throughput Gb
Compression Factor
Backup Window
The Mainframe Performance Equation

The equation adds together the amount of time it takes you to complete the three main processes that affect how quickly you can backup, archive, retrieve, and/or add mainframe data to your data lake:

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