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Author: Tamar Milstein

In addition to being an AWS ISV Partner, Model9 has now expanded the breadth and depth of its solutions in the AWS ecosystem. We are excited to announce that Model9 Cloud Data Manager for Mainframe can now be purchased on the AWS Marketplace.

Model9 has also achieved the AWS Migration Competency and is recognized through the Well-Architected Partner Program, based on the key concepts, design principles, and architectural best practices of the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

Model9 recognizes the C-level concerns with mainframe costs and lack of flexibility with mainframe data. Companies seeking to modernize and move mainframe data to the AWS cloud can start moving data today with Model9 Cloud Data Manager for Mainframe available on AWS Marketplace. Once the data is in Amazon S3, customers can immediately take advantage of other AWS services like Amazon Athena, Amazon Aurora, and Amazon QuickSight. Model9’s patented software solution for mainframe data management in the cloud, helps AWS customers efficiently and securely migrate mainframe data to the cloud where they can then get value from this data by leveraging AWS services, as well as get everything from AWS on one bill.

Model9 allows customers to confidently complete terabyte to petabyte scale mainframe data migrations quickly, providing enhanced time to value by unlocking the mainframe data to AWS analytics services in a matter of months versus multi-year migration projects.

You can get more information on the Model9-AWS partnership here or on the AWS Marketplace.

Model9 and MinIO are pleased to offer a joint data management solution that leverages powerful,
cloud-based object storage capabilities for the mainframe environment.

Model9 turns MinIO’s high-performance, low-cost object storage into a mainframe-ready, cloud-
based storage solution that helps modernize operations and allows enterprises to eliminate
outdated, costly tape and VTL systems.

The solution enables the migration of mainframe data, such as regulatory data or medical records, to
cost-effective, cloud-based object storage. In addition, it provides quick, universal access to valuable
historical and statistical data – that was previously available solely as “cold” storage, and readable
only by mainframes – for use in analytics, or in profit-oriented business intelligence initiatives.

Model9 and MinIO are affiliate members in Intel Capital’s investment portfolio, and have joined
forces to support the migration of mainframe data to cost-effective object storage on public and
private clouds.

Click here for more information about the Model9 / MinIO solution

Yes, our marketing department is growing, but that wasn’t the only reason for us to rebrand 🙂

Ever since our foundation, we’ve been examining our positioning between the mainframe and cloud ecosystems. At our core we are a group of mainframe experts who understand the challenges and needs that IT professionals are experiencing with these complex environments. With that said, our team expertise also include agile DevOps and Java, and our patented technology can move data anywhere – including public and private cloud – from within the recesses of a monolithic mainframe system.

Listening to our customers and partners, and aligned with the market trends, the answer today is clearer: our core is in the mainframe, but our future is in the cloud. 

Our new brand and product strategy reflects the acknowledgement that mainframe modernization is a journey. We help you take first steps, intermediate steps, and final steps – depending where you are on your journey. We are a software solution and not a service, and that’s unique. Our development efforts are in making it a ready to use software-based solution that can significantly simplify and shorten this journey.

But above all, our mission remains clear: to help companies liberate data and gain FULL access to the data oceans lurking in their mainframe environments, inaccessible to agile, modern, BI and analytics.

Whether you want to modernize, migrate, or just make a better use of your mainframe data, we can help!

We’re proud to be on TheMarker’s selected list of “most promising companies” for 2020!

Model9 is an innovator and disruptor of the mainframe market and a pioneer in cloud data management for mainframe. With a multi-disciplinary team of mainframe and cloud expertise, Model9 is trusted by global leading financial institutions, government agencies, retailers and transportation companies. Backed by Intel Capital and an AWS Advanced Technology Partner – we’re all set for success and the sky’s the limit!

Model9 and Cohesity are pleased to announce the rollout of a joint, unified, cloud data management platform that incorporates mainframe-based data and operations.

The joint Model9/Cohesity solution eliminates the need for legacy mainframe storage systems – such as tapes and VTLs, and provides enterprise users with a unified platform for cloud backup, archive, and DR operations.

The Model9 / Cohesity Environment:

Today, most mainframe data is hosted in proprietary storage silos, making the information difficult to manage and analyze.  The joint Model9/Cohesity solution meets this challenge, unlocking the mainframe data, and presenting enterprises with a unified, organization-wide data management platform – making the data accessible and easily leveraged for use by value-enhancing analytics and BI applications. 

The joint solution was recently deployed at a leading U.S. financial institution that wished to modernize their data center operations – retiring legacy backup and tape management products, reducing reliance on legacy mainframe skills, and adopting the solution’s easy-to-use graphical user interface.

Model9 is now also a part of the Cohesity Marketplace. Using the app, Cohesity customers can transition from an expensive Virtual Tape System to Cohesity DataPlatform, consolidating data silos – to be managed in one place.

Solution Benefits

The Joint Model9-Cohesity solution offers the following benefits:

  • Modernize backup, archive, and DR operations with a flexible software architecture that supports data management, on-premises or in any cloud.
  • No more data silos – manage organizational data operations across locations and technologies from a single, unified software platform.
  • Lower TCO by replacing tape systems, VTLs and tape-management software with affordable cloud data management.
  • Utilize the solution’s phenomenal deduplication capabilities to significantly reduce data footprint – leading to significantly lower costs and reduced risk.
  • Leverage mainframe data for value-added business intelligence initiatives and analytics

Click here for more information about the Model9 / Cohesity solution

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