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Free Your Mainframe Data, Take IBM’s Advice

Gil Peleg


Oct 8, 2020

In the Sept. 2020 publication of IBM IT Economics Consulting & Research, the authors state, “zIIPs can enable clients to rapidly and inexpensively transform, extend and deploy applications into a hybrid cloud environment,” where “new applications can access cloud native services.”

They go on to acknowledge that much critical data – from the systems of record — lives in the mainframe environment but is needed in “systems of engagement” such as a “web enabled customer service application that retrieves customer records from a master DB2 database…”

We totally agree! In fact, leveraging this IBM-approved application of zIIP engines, Model9 long-ago learned to move any mainframe data to or from a cloud – potentially allowing an enterprise to eliminate its tape technology and sharply reduced archive and DR costs, while minimizing MSU consumption.

But, best of all, the freedom provided by Model9 means data access is dramatically improved, enabling an explosion of new analytic possibilities as well as new services and even new businesses.

IBM’s authors write that, “zIIPs can enable clients to rapidly and inexpensively transform, extend and deploy applications into a hybrid cloud environment.” Model9 has been finding ways to unlock and relocate this badly needed data.  Using an extract-load-transform (ELT) process that is much faster and easier than ETL and doesn’t require mainframe CPU cycles. Model9’s patented technology connects the mainframe directly over TCP/IP to cloud storage chosen by the customer. And from there, the analytical choices are numerous.

Best of all, because you can move data back to the mainframe as needed, just as easily, Model9 can even eliminate the need for virtual tape libraries and physical tapes. 

The reward that comes with liberating all that data is a true win-win – especially as companies around the globe struggle to make sense of the rapidly changing business conditions and emerging opportunities of 2020 and beyond.

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About the author

Gil Peleg | CEO
Gil has over two decades of hands-on experience in mainframe system programming and data management, as well as a deep understanding of methods of operation, components, and diagnostic tools. Gil previously worked at IBM in the US and in Israel in mainframe storage development and data management practices as well as at Infinidat and XIV. He is the co-author of eight IBM Redbooks on z/OS implementation.
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