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New Survey Data: IT Leaders Share The Top Mainframe Modernization Strategies They Are Using Right Now

Tamar Milstein


Mar 7, 2022

Mainframe modernization strategies continue to be a subject of debate amongst IT leaders. To help shed light on how leadership approaches mainframe modernization, we commissioned a survey of technology leadership at 100 U.S. companies with mainframes. We asked them questions about their strategy and tactics, including: 

  • What are the top IT objectives on their roadmap for 2022?
  • What mainframe data protection challenges are they currently prioritizing?
  • What mainframe modernization approaches are they currently implementing?

The responses provide a unique window into the mindset of today’s top technology leadership.

Crucially, the new data reveals enterprise companies are mostly either modernizing DevOps environments (73%) or modernizing mainframe applications (61%) as methods of mainframe modernization. However, both of these methods directly contradict their stated preference for a “single point of data management across hybrid environments” (71%).

In addition, these methods do not provide a quick, safe, and guaranteed pathway to breaking mainframe data silos, despite the fact that half of c-suite respondents listed unlocking the value of mainframe data as a priority.

Overall, this survey represents an important new resource for IT leaders looking to get into the mind of their peers and understand the priorities, challenges, and solutions today’s enterprise companies are considering as they assess the different approaches to mainframe modernization.

To read the full report (ungated) click here.

About the author

Tamar Milstein | CMO
Tamar Milstein holds 2 decades of experience in B2B marketing in hi-tech, establishing and leading geographically dispersed teams in diversified industry verticals including Insurance, FinTech, and IT. Tamar's expertise is in optimizing digital user journeys and cloud adoption for achieving business objectives and innovation in industries that have undergone market disruption and accelerated digital transformation. Tamar holds an MBA with specialization in marketing.
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