Model9 and Cohesity are pleased to announce the rollout of a joint, unified, cloud data management platform that incorporates mainframe-based data and operations.

The joint Model9/Cohesity solution eliminates the need for legacy mainframe storage systems – such as tapes and VTLs, and provides enterprise users with a unified platform for cloud backup, archive, and DR operations.

The Model9 / Cohesity Environment:

Today, most mainframe data is hosted in proprietary storage silos, making the information difficult to manage and analyze.  The joint Model9/Cohesity solution meets this challenge, unlocking the mainframe data, and presenting enterprises with a unified, organization-wide data management platform – making the data accessible and easily leveraged for use by value-enhancing analytics and BI applications. 

The joint solution was recently deployed at a leading U.S. financial institution that wished to modernize their data center operations – retiring legacy backup and tape management products, reducing reliance on legacy mainframe skills, and adopting the solution’s easy-to-use graphical user interface.

Model9 is now also a part of the Cohesity Marketplace. Using the app, Cohesity customers can transition from an expensive Virtual Tape System to Cohesity DataPlatform, consolidating data silos – to be managed in one place.

Solution Benefits

The Joint Model9-Cohesity solution offers the following benefits:

  • Modernize backup, archive, and DR operations with a flexible software architecture that supports data management, on-premises or in any cloud.
  • No more data silos – manage organizational data operations across locations and technologies from a single, unified software platform.
  • Lower TCO by replacing tape systems, VTLs and tape-management software with affordable cloud data management.
  • Utilize the solution’s phenomenal deduplication capabilities to significantly reduce data footprint – leading to significantly lower costs and reduced risk.
  • Leverage mainframe data for value-added business intelligence initiatives and analytics

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