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Model9 and MinIO team up to introduce cloud-based object storage to the mainframe

Tamar Milstein


Aug 24, 2020

Model9 and MinIO are pleased to offer a joint data management solution that leverages powerful,
cloud-based object storage capabilities for the mainframe environment.

Model9 turns MinIO’s high-performance, low-cost object storage into a mainframe-ready, cloud-
based storage solution that helps modernize operations and allows enterprises to eliminate
outdated, costly tape and VTL systems.

The solution enables the migration of mainframe data, such as regulatory data or medical records, to
cost-effective, cloud-based object storage. In addition, it provides quick, universal access to valuable
historical and statistical data – that was previously available solely as “cold” storage, and readable
only by mainframes – for use in analytics, or in profit-oriented business intelligence initiatives.

Model9 and MinIO are affiliate members in Intel Capital’s investment portfolio, and have joined
forces to support the migration of mainframe data to cost-effective object storage on public and
private clouds.

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About the author

Tamar Milstein | CMO
Tamar Milstein holds 2 decades of experience in B2B marketing in hi-tech, establishing and leading geographically dispersed teams in diversified industry verticals including Insurance, FinTech, and IT. Tamar's expertise is in optimizing digital user journeys and cloud adoption for achieving business objectives and innovation in industries that have undergone market disruption and accelerated digital transformation. Tamar holds an MBA with specialization in marketing.
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