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(Re)introducing Model9 – Your Mainframe Modernization Partner

Tamar Milstein


Aug 10, 2020

Yes, our marketing department is growing, but that wasn’t the only reason for us to rebrand 🙂

Ever since our foundation, we’ve been examining our positioning between the mainframe and cloud ecosystems. At our core we are a group of mainframe experts who understand the challenges and needs that IT professionals are experiencing with these complex environments. With that said, our team expertise also include agile DevOps and Java, and our patented technology can move data anywhere – including public and private cloud – from within the recesses of a monolithic mainframe system.

Listening to our customers and partners, and aligned with the market trends, the answer today is clearer: our core is in the mainframe, but our future is in the cloud. 

Our new brand and product strategy reflects the acknowledgement that mainframe modernization is a journey. We help you take first steps, intermediate steps, and final steps – depending where you are on your journey. We are a software solution and not a service, and that’s unique. Our development efforts are in making it a ready to use software-based solution that can significantly simplify and shorten this journey.

But above all, our mission remains clear: to help companies liberate data and gain FULL access to the data oceans lurking in their mainframe environments, inaccessible to agile, modern, BI and analytics.

Whether you want to modernize, migrate, or just make a better use of your mainframe data, we can help!

About the author

Tamar Milstein | CMO
Tamar Milstein holds 2 decades of experience in B2B marketing in hi-tech, establishing and leading geographically dispersed teams in diversified industry verticals including Insurance, FinTech, and IT. Tamar's expertise is in optimizing digital user journeys and cloud adoption for achieving business objectives and innovation in industries that have undergone market disruption and accelerated digital transformation. Tamar holds an MBA with specialization in marketing.
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