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Here are 3 ways you can increase ingestion throughput for backup and archive copies of mainframe data.

Some 74% of companies who started a mainframe modernization project have failed to complete it. Here are the 5 reasons why that can happen & an approach to help ensure success.

5 reasons why ETL is the wrong approach to moving mainframe data and why ELT is the ideal method.

At Model9, our position in the industry provides us with a unique vantage point into what’s happening across both the mainframe and the cloud. These are the top trends that we anticipate will capture the industry’s attention in 2021.

FICON has been the mainstay of mainframe data movement for decades, but it’s got competition. Learn why TCP/IP is now considered the fastest and safest way to move data off the mainframe to the cloud.

This guide compares object storage terminology with familiar mainframe concepts. Get started!

When designing a data management solution, it is important to explore cost-effective backup
options that allow efficient recovery to cope with the enormous amounts of generated data.
At the same time, it is also important to look into how to improve recovery efficiency even if it
might increase the direct backup costs.

Whatever the end goal, moving mainframe data management to the cloud should be the first step in any effort to modernize the mainframe.

As data continues to grow exponentially, the question remains as to where is the best place to store all of this data. Model9 believes that for the mainframe, that place is the cloud.

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