Next Webinar on Sept. 22: How Nedbank Connected Their Mainframe to the Cloud with Model9 & Microsoft Azure


Topic: Cloud data management

Learn how the leading information, analytics, and exhibitions company modernizes its mainframe environment and transitions to a cloud data management solution.

How can TCP/IP protocol move data faster than FICON? Watch the webinar to learn how Model9’s unique software generates multiple streams of data from a source and pushes data over IBM Open Systems Adapter (OSA) cards using TCP/IP in an efficient and secure manner to or from an object storage device, either on-premises or in the cloud.

Read 2 customer case studies to learn how they decreased the amount of time it takes to backup and archive mainframe data – without increasing resource consumption.

Here are 3 ways you can increase ingestion throughput for backup and archive copies of mainframe data.

Learn why a data-first approach allows enterprises to migrate mainframe data directly to AWS—without making any changes to your mainframe applications. 

Watch this webinar with LRS & Model9 experts to learn why connecting your mainframe data to the cloud should be the first step in any mainframe modernization initiative.

Learn how using an on-premise private cloud solution like HCP Cloud Scale with Model9 Cloud Data Manager for Mainframe can help manage mainframe data, improve backup and disaster recovery and lower your TCO.

Until now, mainframe data has been locked in by legacy storage hardware and proprietary formats, and ETL processes have been unaffordably compute-intensive, making change all but impossible. But there is now another way, a technology path that speeds data to its destination for rapid transformation to any standard format, with practically no impact on mainframe processing. Now, critical data can inform analytics, shaping business results, and opening opportunities.

At Model9, our position in the industry provides us with a unique vantage point into what’s happening across both the mainframe and the cloud. These are the top trends that we anticipate will capture the industry’s attention in 2021.

FICON has been the mainstay of mainframe data movement for decades, but it’s got competition. Learn why TCP/IP is now considered the fastest and safest way to move data off the mainframe to the cloud.

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