Next Webinar on Sept. 22: How Nedbank Connected Their Mainframe to the Cloud with Model9 & Microsoft Azure


Topic: Cloud storage

Read 2 customer case studies to learn how they decreased the amount of time it takes to backup and archive mainframe data – without increasing resource consumption.

Learn why a data-first approach allows enterprises to migrate mainframe data directly to AWS—without making any changes to your mainframe applications. 

Move, transform and integrate mainframe data easily & cost-effectively to the cloud.

This guide compares object storage terminology with familiar mainframe concepts. Get started!

Driven by a decision to reduce IBM Mainframe data center expenses, and address the growing mainframe skills
shortage, the company set out to modernize its secondary storage capabilities. They chose the Model9 cloud
data management solution as a front-end for the Amazon S3 cloud storage service.

The Model9 software solution modernized and unified the credit union’s data management operations, allowed removal of IBM backup and tape-management software DFSMShsm and DFSMSrmm (also known as HSM and RMM), and reduced monthly workload license charges.

As data continues to grow exponentially, the question remains as to where is the best place to store all of this data. Model9 believes that for the mainframe, that place is the cloud.

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