Announcement: Model9 is now a BMC Software company.


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US Office
150 West 25th Street,
RM 403
New York City, NY 10001
3 Arieh Shenkar St
Herzliya, Israel, 4672503
+1 (646) 205-1605

Our clients react

“We were interested in moving away from dependence on VTL technologies and improving data management in the cloud. Model9 enabled us to achieve this with a smooth transition to the MinIO platform that also helped eliminate ongoing license costs.”

-Jeffrey Reinkeke, Director, Systems Engineering

“As a younger mainframer, the continued reliance on virtual tape was a bit confusing to me. Model9 turns this continued requirement on its head with a bold, modern approach and delivers fully on their promises.”

- Gerard Howells, Mainframe Systems Programmer

“As a mainframe dinosaur, fully engulfed in HSM, SMS and the tape world, I was skeptical about making Model9 replace our tape usage. The “cloud” was scary to me. But as I posed questions to the geniuses at Model9, I was quickly converted to their way of thinking for storage management, and had a solution for each dilemma I brought up. No regrets moving forward.”

- Tom Knowles, Mainframe Systems Programmer
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