Model9 is trusted by leading banks, credit card processors, government agencies, ISVs and cloud providers.

Airline reduces storage costs by eliminating physical z/OS tapes

Airline revolutionizes mainframe backup system with Model9

Passenger and cargo airline

  • Faced End of Service for physical tape drives
  • Chose Model9 with commodity storage over VTL
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    Reduces storage costs and maintenance by as much as 80%

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    Improves RTO from a matter of days to hours

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Bank significantly speeds up z/OS UNIX recovery times with Model9

File-level backup and restore processes simplify daily operations

A financial services company

  • Faced lengthy and complex backup and restore of its entire Unix system
  • Adopted Model9 file-level backup for Unix on z/OS to reduce backup and restore times
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    Shortens backup window, and restore times

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    Reduces CPU consumption

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    Provides distributed developer access to self restore their files

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