Cloud Data Manager

Verifying management server prerequisites

Use the verification scripts that were supplied with the installation package to verify the management server is ready for installation and that all prerequisites have been completed.

The scripts verify the following prerequisites:

  • Number of CPUs and memory is according to minimum requirements

  • Availability of network ports

  • Firewall rules permitting access to target storage and z/OS system

The following information must be supplied to run the script:

  • z/OS IP/DNS and port for the Model9 Agent

  • Object storage IP/DNS and port

Running the verification script
  1. Upload the file to the Linux server.

  2. Unzip the uploaded zip file to a temporary folder.

    unzip -d /tmp

  3. Execute the script

    cd /tmp/PrereqsScripts


  4. Follow the instructions on the screen as prompted by the script.