Cloud Data Manager

V1.5.2 Release notes

Major features and enhancements

  • Introducing new data set import policy type that facilitates copying any cataloged data set to cloud storage directly from tape, without using interim DASD storage. Imported tape data sets stored in cloud storage may be exported back to disk or tape for processing by mainframe applications.

  • Enhanced automatic recall to provide a straightforward installation and early detection and reporting of errors during processing.

Resolved issues

  • Fixed an automatic recall abend during allocation attempt of a JCLLIB on an offline catalog.

  • Removed irrelevant messages from the full-dump activity log.

  • Fixed the Simulate action not to fail for policies with special characters in the policy name.


  • Added support for SMS Management class attribute “# GDG Elements on Primary”

User interface

  • Enhanced the activity log to includes all the relevant parameters, including new ones


Automatic recall improvements

  • Simplify installation by reducing the number of dynamic exits from 2 to 1.

  • Improved installation verification by failing the exit activation in case of a version mismatch between the hook and the exit. 

Known issues

  • A policy defined with a data set name selection pattern might fail to list the pattern if one or more data set fields can’t be listed. Expected error message: SEVERE [io.model9.backup.common.mvs.resources.DiscoveryInformation-97] Failed searching catalog. Catalog search message: Catalog search error RC=4 (0x4)