Cloud Data Manager

V1.6 Release notes

Major Features and Enhancements

Release 1.6 features an enriched set of mainframe-focused operations that eliminate dependence on external systems:

  • Use the new CLI ARCHIVE (Command Line Interface) command to perform on-demand, data-set level archiving operations directly from the mainframe to any cloud - on-prem, hybrid or public. This functionality enables the execution of archive operations within scripts and JCLs, and simplifies storage administration.

  • Run the Model9 management server in a z/OS container extension (zCX), and eliminate dependence on external systems. The Model9 docker container can be deployed on zCX, Linux on Z, or any other docker, while supporting the familiar graphical user interface. To learn more, join the Model9 speaking session at SHARE Virtual 2020, on September 30, 2020, 4:15 PM-5:00 PM.

  • Simplify monitoring by extracting the policy’s run logs from the management server to the SAPI batch job in z/OS.  No need to access the logs via the server.


  • Convert the “discovery” phase to a zIIP eligible process for improved policy performance and reduced CPU consumption. See the installation guide for further details.

Resolved issues

  • The Archive policy now skips data sets with expiration date in the past, instead of archiving them. The policy run log reports these data sets to notify the user that an action may be required outside of the archive policy in order to delete these data sets.

  • The Archive policy now uses the correct scope of SYSPLEX instead of the previously used SYSTEM when checking whether a data set is eligible for archive. The false scope would cause certain data sets to be marked as eligible for archive in the discovery phase of the policy, but to fail during the archive action itself.

Known issues

  • When backing up a symbolic link to a file, the policy will only backup the symbolic link itself and not the file that the link is pointing to. If the policy's filter matches the actual file itself, it will be backed up (just not via the link). When backing up a symbolic link to a directory, the policy will backup the directory's contents and the link pointing to the directory, but the directory itself (which might have permissions) will not be backed up.

  • IBM Java 8 SR6 FP15 is not supported for the z/OS agent.