Cloud Data Manager

V2.0 Release notes

Major Features and Enhancements

  • Management server resources search page: removed the 350 version limitation. The search page now allows searching through all versions in the system. Maximum page has has been increased to 500 versions. As part of this change, the '**' wildcard has been superseded with '*' which now implies zero or more characters.

  • AWS S3 Infrequent Access and Azure Blob Cool tier support which allow a considerable reduction in storage costs for newly written blobs.

  • Archive policy retention override support.

  • Backup versions originating from CLI can now be deleted and restored from the management server's resources search page.

  • Official support for Scality S3 as an object storage vendor.

  • Transformation services now support converting DB2 Image Copies to open system formats such as JSON and CSV.


  • Improved z/OS below the line memory management.

  • Improved memory management in M9SAPI.

Resolved Issues

  • In some cases, archive errors were reported incorrectly in the management server's backup logs.

  • Restore data sets did not retain the original backed up data set's creation and reference dates.

  • In some cases, full volume dumps ended in error due to DCOLLECT warnings.

  • Incorrect backup and archive handling of data sets with the special EXPTD date of '99000'.

  • Full dumps of volumes with short volsers completed with a warning.

  • Archive policies edit page incorrectly showed a generations field.

  • LISTVOL and LISTDSN CLI commands did not show a warning in the case of failed object storage connectivity.

  • In some cases, a restore operation's error was not propagated to the backup log on the management server.

  • Fixed several stability issues in M9SAPI.