Cloud Data Manager

Transform Services

Release 1.8.1


Monetize unlocked mainframe data enriching business intelligence (BI), analytics and cloud applications

Leverage any disk data or historical tape data for use by analytics services and BI tools. Mainframe data migrated to object storage on-premises or in the cloud can be transformed to standard data formats without requiring any access to the mainframe, instantly providing it for use in cloud applications and analytics tools.

Supported storage platforms

The service works with S3 protocol and supports all object storage types. When connected to a NAS or SAN, it is possible to work using an open-source S3 proxy, provided by Model9.


Service limitations

Data size

There is no limit for the input data set size, as long as the output data set size is under 20GB in size on storage.

Maximum elapsed time

The service is synchronous and can run for up to an hour.