Cloud Data Manager

Initiating management server policies from z/OS

Management server policies can be executed from z/OS using the M9SAPI JCL procedure.

Customizing the M9SAPI procedure

The procedure and a sample job are located in the Model9 SAMPLIB data set, see the Installation guide for more details.

Creating an API key

Select the “Manage API Keys” from the top left 3-dot menu:


Create a new API key using the “GENERATE NEW API KEY” button:


A popup window is displayed, enter the Delegated User name that is to be used by the job running the M9SAPI procedure:


Copy the API key to a sequential data set in the LPAR from which you intend to run M9SAPI:


The API key can be updated by selecting the “Edit” option of the 3-dot menu:


Update and save:


The API key can be deleted by selecting the “Delete” option of the 3-dot menu.

Running M9SAPI to execute the policy

Customize the M9SAPI parameters:


The default is ZOSONLY, meaning that the job will end as soon as z/OS processing ends. Additional values are:

YES - Wait until the policy run ends, including the processing in the management server

NO - End immediately after the policy is scheduled for processing


Name of the data set created in Creating an API key that contains the key details.


The management server IP address or host name


The management server port number


The interval in seconds between activity status checks performed by the M9SAPI procedure


The messages can be displayed in INFO or DEBUG mode. The default is INFO.


The default is YES, meaning that a trusted certificate is defined for the server.

If you wish to use a trusted certificate, see Configure the Remote Server API section in the Installation guide for details. Note that communications between the M9SAPI and the management server are always encrypted, regardless of the VRFYCERT value.


The default is YES, meaning that the procedure will attempt to retrieve the policy’s run log at the job’s end and write it to the RUNLOG DD:

  • When specifying WAIT=NO, no log will be delivered, no matter what was specified for RUNLOG.

  • When specifying WAIT=ZOSONLY, all log records until that point will be delivered, without the run log’s summary and without any details written later than the job’s end.

  • When specifying WAIT=YES, the full run log will be delivered.


The policy name in quotes. This parameter is mutually exclusive with POLICYID.


Can be used when the POLICY name is too long or contains non-MF characters. The POLICYID can be found in the policy’s “More Details” accessed via the 3-dot menu. This parameter is mutually exclusive with POLICY


The log page size requested by SAPI with every polling request. Defaults to 10000 lines.