Next Webinar on Sept. 22: How Nedbank Connected Their Mainframe to the Cloud with Model9 & Microsoft Azure


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Building Women into IT Leaders – SHARE

Interview with SHARE Best of the Best Session winners, all from Model9, including: Colleen Gordon (Account Executive for the Western Region and Canada), Debbie Miller (Senior…

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Aug 13, 2021

It’s Time to Say Goodbye to VTL for Mainframes – Storage Newsletter

Model9 CEO Gil Peleg shares in Storage Newsletter why it’s time to say good bye to VTL for mainframes.
Aug 10, 2021

Model9 CEO Promises New Era of Mainframe-Cloud Connectivity – CEOCFO Magazine

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor at CEOCFO Magazine, interviews Model9’s CEO, Gil Peleg, on a new approach to easier, better and more secure…
Aug 9, 2021

Faster than VTL: New Performance Horizons for Mainframe Backup and Archive Performance – VM Blog

Mainframe backup and archive processes have a well established cadence that uses either physical tape libraries or virtual tape libraries (VTLs). However,…
Aug 6, 2021

Mainframes: The Missing Link To AI (Artificial Intelligence)? – Forbes

Data is certainly the fuel for AI. Yet there is a source of valuable data that usually does not garner much attention. It is…
Aug 4, 2021

Model9: Rendering Mainframe Infrastructures Cloud-Ready – CIO Review

Model9 was featured as the cover story in CIO Review for most promising storage solution providers.
Aug 4, 2021

Digital Transformation Is an Ongoing Journey – CMSWire

It is clear that the process of bringing new digital technologies into the enterprise will be an ongoing one, but there must…
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