Break Free of VTL With Direct Tape-to-Cloud Data Transfer

Announcing Model9 Cloud Data Manager for Mainframe v1.5

Monday, March 16, 2020 – Model9, a pioneer in cloud data management for Mainframe, is pleased to announce Model9 Cloud Data Manager for Mainframe v1.5, which now supports transferring tape data directly to the cloud with no need for interim disk storage. As with previous releases, Model9’s software is designed to bridge the gap between mainframes and cloud, replace costly tapes and VTLs with hybrid cloud storage, and allow data analytics tools to directly process previously-inaccessible mainframe data.

Version 1.5 introduces a new data set import policy type that facilitates copying any data set to cloud storage directly from tape. The process is designed to simplify and automate the migration of large amounts of data from tape to cloud, enabling the replacement of VTL hardware with cloud storage. Tape data sets stored in cloud storage can be exported back to disk or tape for processing by mainframe applications. Combined with Model9’s Cloud Data Gateway, they can also be accessed directly from the cloud by non-mainframe applications, such as data analytics and business intelligence tools.

Model9 supports all popular cloud platforms, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and version 1.5 further extends this to include the Wasabi cloud object storage platform. Model9 is set to offer the widest range of cloud storage platforms and the most comprehensive multi-cloud solution for mainframe.

This release also enhances compatibility with legacy storage management products to allow a seamless replacement of existing tape management and backup management software. Model9 can run side-by-side with legacy products to reduce risk and simplify the transition to cloud as secondary storage for mainframe.

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