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Simplified Access to Azure and Easier Migration from CA-Disk to Cloud

Jan 6, 2021

Wednesday, January 6, 2021– Model9, a pioneer in cloud data management for mainframe, is pleased to announce Model9 Cloud Data Manager for Mainframe v1.8. 

Version 1.8 is highlighted by streamlined processes that simplify day-to-day backup, archive, and restore operations from the mainframe to any cloud – on-prem, hybrid or public.

As with previous releases, Model9’s software is designed to bridge the gap between mainframes and cloud, replace costly tapes and VTLs with hybrid cloud storage, and allow data analytics tools to directly process previously inaccessible mainframe data.

Some of the major innovations in version 1.8 include:

Ease migration from CA-Disk to cloud data management.  Gain better control of backup policy with the ability to specify per-backup retention periods and deletion dates. This capability helps smooth the migration from legacy backup software such as CA-Disk to modern, cloud-oriented solutions.

Azure Active Directory (AD) authentication support for Microsoft Azure cloud users.  Model9 introduces Azure Active Directory (AD) authentication and proxy support, providing simplified access to Azure’s public cloud.  Model9 users can now use their enterprise-provided AD credentials to gain access to the Azure cloud.

Enhanced system health visibility.  Version 1.8 provides at-a-glance system health and connectivity data for the Model9 management server and database, as well as the object storage service.

Improved access to log data.  Users can download server logs for advanced analysis – without having to set up a SSH session on the Linux server.  In addition, log summary reports can be viewed on the Model9 browser page without having to open and scan individual log files.

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