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Cloud Data Manager for Mainframe

Model9’s Cloud Data Manager for Mainframe modernizes mission-critical data operations and offers a seamless software-based solution to discover, move, transform and manage data in the private or public cloud.

Core Functionalities
Data Protection
Replacing legacy backup and space management software
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  • Perform backup, archive, space management, and disaster recovery using cloud-based or on-premises object storage
  • Compatible with DFSMS
  • Replace legacy storage management software, while reducing MSU outlays by 90%
Data Storage
Replace your tape and VTL systems with cloud object storage
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  • Write  mainframe data directly to the cloud, with no need for interim DASD storage or having to rewrite JCL.
  • Transition to a cloud storage infrastructure
  • Eliminate the need for tape and VTL systems
  • Eliminate the need for expensive and complex tape management software
Mainframe Data Pipeline
Unlock your data for use by various cloud services, such as AI & BI tools and analytics services
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  • Transform mainframe data (such as DB2 image copies) to standard or open formats – including JSON, CSV, and XML
  • Instantly access transformed mainframe data for integration with cloud-based applications
  • ELT (unlike ETL) – transformation is done in the cloud, letting you leverage cloud economics 

The Model9 cloud-based technology enables data orchestration with any object storage using standard protocols, without legacy hardware or software required. Data is accessed and transformed with no target storage lock-in, allowing you to have full control of your data.


How it works
  • Automatically discover mainframe data sets and select the ones you want to backup, archive, or just write data to an object storage target, directly.
  • Move mainframe data according to flexible policies that best fits your business requirements to a lower storage tier in private / public cloud
  • Transform data into insights by seamlessly converting native mainframe data to common data formats
  • Manage, monitor and control mainframe data in a modern fashion, whether it is cold data kept in low-cost storage for backup, archive, or hot data that is accessed frequently by your mainframe applications

4X faster than tape
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4X faster than tape
  • High performance data transfer over TCP/IP, leveraging compression and parallelism
  • Transfer data directly to the cloud – no interim disk storage required
  • Unlimited scale
Advanced security
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Advanced security
  • Data is encrypted – in flight and at rest
  • Create highly-secure, off-platform backup copies that can be quickly recovered following a cyberattack 
  • Leverage WORM storage and air-gap storage
  • Bare-metal recovery (stand-alone restore) directly from the cloud
Flexible and cost-effective
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Flexible and cost-effective
  • Cloud storage is 3x cheaper than proprietary tape storage
  • Eliminate the need for backup management, tape management, tape security, and reporting software
  • Reduce peak MSU and total monthly MSU consumption by offloading over 60% of data management processing to zIIPs
Easy to use
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Easy to use
  • Software only solution deployed on-prem or in the cloud
  • Manage mainframe data using a web-based graphical user interface
  • RESTful API for integration with DevOps
  • CLI commands from TSO/E and batch
  • Runs side by side your current legacy solution for simplified implementation

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