Introducing the only software-defined mainframe backup system:
Runs on zIIPs, IFLs or in combination with open-system servers, Stores backups and archives on any storage type – mainframe, open systems or Cloud

A Single Complete Solution

Backup, restore, archive and recall all z/OS data sets and volume types, including UNIX files, space management, encryption, reporting and bare-metal recovery in one solution.

Flexible Choices

Eliminate tape architecture dependencies by running backup, archive and space management processes on zIIPs, IFLs or by offloading them to open-system servers. Store backups and archives on any storage system, including DASD, NAS, SAN, plain old open-system storage or Cloud storage.

Recovery Assurance

Be confident that data can be recovered wherever and whenever you need it with automatic recovery tests. The system enables total control of your backup operations with real-time notifications and easy-to-read reports for storage administrators and compliance managers.

Cloud backup

Backup and archive directly to private or public cloud storage or use cloud storage as a low-cost storage tier. The Model9 solution encrypts all data in transit and at rest, and integrates easily with DevOps tools using the RESTful API.

Easy to Use

Install Model9, and get up and running the same day, to:

  • Manage and monitor backup operations with an intuitive web user interface
  • Quickly find and restore data sets with Google-like search functionality
  • Activate operations from a choice of schedulers or directly from JCL
  • Integrate Model9 seamlessly with existing SMS policies

and get a complimentary assessment report within 48 hours