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Backup Agent

The Model9 Agent is a Java application running on z/OS zIIP-eligible processors. It is responsible for the data management functions needed by the backup server. Our patented technology allows the agent to use standard z/OS data services while running on zIIPs and perform data transfer to and from the backup serve

Backup Server

The Model9 Server manages backups and restores. Use it to define backup policies, control backups and restores and manage all aspects of the entire lifecycle of your backup, recovery and space management processes. The servers keeps your policies, manages backup metadata and logs all activity. The server communicates over TCP/IP with the z/OS agent access the data and storage on the mainframe. The server can be run on IFLs (z/Linux), or on any open systems server of your choice.

Backups and restores can be invoked via scheduling, ad hoc from the server, from JCL or other scheduling products.


The solution stores and recovers mainframe data directly to any storage system. You can use directly attached mainframe storage, SAN, NAS and cloud storage. Our server compresses and encrypts all data written to storage so you can be sure it is safe.


The servers allows you access to all functions using a web UI, notifications and reporting mechanism.

Ensure reliability

Automate recovery testing, encryption, SAF-based security and real-time notifications.

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