Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The Model9 patented technology connects the mainframe directly over TCP/IP to AWS cloud storage and allows you to supplement or completely eliminate the need for virtual tape libraries and physical tapes.

Leverage AWS storage for Mainframe data

With Model9, you can take advantage of any Amazon Cloud Storage product from affordable long-term Amazon Glacier storage to highly durable, scalable, geographically dispersed and flexible low-cost Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) object storage. Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) and Elastic File System (EFS) are also supported.

Key features

Create secured backup copies directly to Amazon cloud storage

Recover and restore data quickly directly from Amazon cloud storage

Cut costs by 50% or more by reducing backup and archive MSU consumption, consolidating software licenses and using affordable cloud storage

Replace costly virtual tape hardware (VTS, VTL etc.) with affordable cloud storage

Improve RPO with multiple, consistent recovery points, without having to expand existing DASD capacity

Backup and disaster recovery directly from the cloud

Consolidate legacy backup (such as IBM DFHSM, CA-Disk, FDR/ABR), tape management (IBM RMM, CA-1, CA-TLMS, BMC Control-M/Tape), encryption and reporting software products into a single modern backup solution. Store backups directly in Amazon cloud storage, including S3, EBS and EFS. The cloud is directly accessible from your mainframe, no additional hardware, disk or tape emulation layers is required.

In disaster recovery situations, a stand-alone restore program is IPLed, over the network, directly from the Model9 management server (using the HMC “Load from removable media or server” action). The stand-alone restore program is used to restore volumes and data sets without requiring the backup agent to be running in z/OS.

Archive to cold storage in the cloud

To maximize your benefit of cloud economics, cold storage tiers such as Amazon Glacier are supported. Model9 supports data set archive (migrate) directly to cloud storage and provides an automatic recall function transparent to TSO/E and batch applications. The automatic recall functions is integrated seamlessly with the system catalog and data sets appear as migrated to cloud.

Archiving data sets directly to the cloud can help reduce costs by reducing VTL storage capacity and throughput licenses, while maintaining durable data copies that are available for retrieval directly from the cloud, including in DR situations.

Cyber threat protection and business resumption

Model9 provides an industry-first solution for mainframe cyber threat protection and business resumption, enabling z/OS customers to create highly secured, off-platform backup copies in Amazon Glacier Vault Lock – all at minimal cost.

Amazon Glacier Vault Lock allows you to easily deploy and enforce compliance controls for individual Amazon Glacier vaults with a vault lock policy. You can specify controls such as “write once read many” (WORM) in a vault lock policy and lock the policy from future edits. Once locked, the policy can no longer be changed.

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