Backup software replacement

Model9 Cloud Backup and Recovery for z/OS is a next-generation mainframe data management solution that provides data set backup, full volume dump, recovery, archive (migrate), recall, automatic-recall and space management functionality.


Cut costs by 50% or more by reducing MSU consumption, consolidate software licenses and use cheaper storage

Gain unlimited flexibility in storage options by using any accessible storage, on-premise or in the cloud

Secured Data is protected with mainframe-controlled end-to-end encryption, and subject to mainframe security software

Improve RPO and RTO with additional recovery points and malware protected backup copies

No vendor lock-in Data is stored in DFDSS dump format and can be recovered with standard mainframe tools

Easy to install, easy to use 1 hour installation time, intuitive web-based user interface

Modern architecture

Using patented technology, Model9 performs standard mainframe data management functions while running on zIIP engines instead of CPs, utilizing network-attached distributed storage systems and the cloud instead of tape hardware (such as VTS, VTL, ATL).

Complete replacement at low risk

Model9 consolidates multiple backup and tape management software products into a single solution that dramatically reduces costs and provides a complete replacement of existing backup and tape management software. It runs side-by-side legacy backup and tape management software for simplified migration.

Easy to use UI

Model9 provides mainframe storage administrators with an intuitive web user interface to define, control and manage the entire lifecycle of your backup, archive and recovery processes.

Single complete solution

Model9 provides the user with a flexible set of options to set data management policies at a granular level, supporting the following data management functions:

  • Incremental data set backup and restore
  • Full volume dump and restore
  • Data set archive (migrate) and automatic recall
  • Space management functions
  • z/OS UNIX file-level backup and restore
  • DFSMS compatibility, support for existing storage group and management class definitions
  • SAF-based authentication and authorization
  • Quick search for data set backup version and archives
  • Graphical reports
  • Compression, leverage the zEDC card when available
  • Encryption, leverage the CryptoExpress card when available
  • JCL and TSO/E commands for all functions

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