Cloud archive and backup

Store archives and backups directly in cloud storage or any network-attached storage, including object storage, NAS and SAN. To maximize your benefit of cloud economics, cloud storage tiers such as Amazon Glacier and Microsoft Azure cold storage are also supported.

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Offload data management processing to zIIP engines

All data management functions are zIIP-eligible and substantially reduce billable MSU consumption for data set archive, backup, recall, restore and full volume dump/restore processing.

Reduce overhead of existing backup management software

Our solution eliminates the dependency on physical and virtual tapes for mainframe data archive and reduces the CPU and I/O overhead associated with large tape environments such as virtual tape management, recycling and expiration.

Seamless integration

The solution coexists with all legacy backup and space management products to allow you to keep managing data the same way you’re used to, while transparently leverage cloud archive only for the types of data where it most fits.

Contain costs of VTL hardware

Use cloud archive to reduce the amount of data currently stored in your VTL, avoid costs associated with future VTL hardware expansion and even reduce costs of your existing VTL hardware.

Hardware independence

Model9 is a software-only solution that supports archiving and recalling data from any DASD storage controller to any cloud storage. So you always have the flexibility and freedom to choose the storage that’s right for you.


Data is secured with end-to-end encryption, leaving encryption keys under your mainframe’s control, while enabling storing data securely in distributed storage on-premise or in the cloud. Encryption runs either using the CryptoExpress cards or on zIIP engines. Model9 also integrates transparently with z/OS pervasive encryption.


To improve backup and restore times and to reduce network traffic, all data is compressed before being sent out of the mainframe. Compression runs either using the zEDC cards or on zIIP engines.

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