Data integration with BI & analytics

Deliver mainframe data directly to the cloud and transforms it to universal formats, enabling easy and secure integration with popular cloud analytics tools, data lakes, data warehouses, databases, and ETL solutions. Available as a service (SaaS) and standalone as on-premises software.


Secured MF data delivery directly to the cloud, no additional hardware required and no deep mainframe expertise needed


Deliver any data set or database from any disk storage to any cloud service with no lock-in


Data is delivered to the cloud in its original format, offloading transformations to the cloud and supporting future needs


Low MSU consumption achieved by running on zIIP engines where available


Enrich Business Intelligence processes with valuable mainframe data

Augment your company data lake with mainframe data

Securely store mainframe data in the cloud

Reduce ETL cost and complexity by offloading data transformations to the cloud

Leverage non-mainframe skills and personnel to support growing data analytics requirements

How it works

The z/OS component runs on zIIP engines and delivers any data set directly to cloud storage accessible over TCP/IP, such as object storage, NAS or SAN. The data is compressed and encrypted before being sent over the network. The Model9 service running in the cloud transforms it to a standard format (such as JSON and CSV) to be easily consumed by analytics services.

Mainframe data sources*

  • DB2 image copy
  • VSAM data sets
  • Sequential data sets
  • Partitioned data sets
  • Extended format data sets

Target cloud services and formats*

  • Amazon Athena, Aurora and Redshift
  • Microsoft Azure HDInsight and SQL Data Warehouse
  • Google BigQuery and BigTable
  • Snowflake
  • Apache Spark and Hadoop
  • Splunk
  • JSON and CSV file formats

* Data sources and targets are regularly being added, please inquire with us for latest support

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