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Model9 and Cohesity DataPlatform

Model9 and Cohesity offer a joint data management solution for mainframe that provides storage, backup, archive, and full volume dumps directly to Cohesity DataPlatform.

Leverage cloud tiering and cyber resiliency while eliminating the need for legacy mainframe storage systems such as tapes and VTLs.
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Primary and Secondary Storage Data Management for Mainframe

Model9 modernizes your IT infrastructure by migrating mainframe data from proprietary tapes to Cohesity. Backup, archive, and DR operations with a flexible software architecture that supports data management – on-premises or in any cloud.

Decrease Costs

Model9 lowers TCO by replacing tape systems, VTLs, and tape-management software with an affordable object storage solution from Cohesity. Model9 also reduces CPU consumption by transforming mainframe data in the cloud and offloading data management processing to zIIP engines.

Eliminate Data Silos

Get a unified platform for cloud backup, archive, and DR operations — consolidating all open systems and mainframe data onto a single platform. The Model9 management and transformation services are deployed directly on the Cohesity cluster via the Cohesity Marketplace.

Cyber Resiliency for Mainframe Data

Model9 allows you to implement a modern and complete cyber resiliency solution by letting you create an air-gapped third copy of your mainframe data. Based on the Cohesity cyber recovery capabilities the Model9-Cohesity solution provides a single answer to both open and mainframe data.

Solution Benefits
Add support for mainframe storage, backup, archive and DR to the Cohesity DataPlatform
Access mainframe data stored on Cohesity directly from cloud applications for analytics
Direct backup to commodity open-systems storage/cloud over TCP/IP (OSA)
Fully compatible with any storage option, on-prem or in the cloud
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