Cost reduction

Increase ROI without increasing risk or slowing down operations by replacing existing virtual tape hardware and data management software with a modern software-only solution.

Cut costs by 50% or more

Offload backup and space management functions to zIIP engines

Replace costly physical and virtual tape hardware with modern network-attached storage, on-premises or in the cloud, including object storage, NAS and SAN

Replace multiple legacy backup and tape management software with a single complete solution

Offload processing to zIIP engines

Backup and space management functions run daily and are known as CP hogs that directly affect the monthly peak R4HA and increase monthly license charges (MLC) to legacy software vendors. Offloading backup and space management functions to zIIP engines can reduce monthly R4HA peak MSU consumption by up to 15% and save you money on MLC.

Leverage affordable storage options

Mainframe secondary storage solutions are sold by only a small number of vendors and rely on proprietary protocols, which typically drives cost 3X-5X more than distributed storage or cloud storage. Using cloud storage for MF secondary data, allows you to dramatically reduce MF storage costs.

Single complete software solution

Model9 performs all standard backup, archive (migrate) and space management functions directly to cloud storage instead of physical or virtual tapes. It provides a complete replacement to the follow software products:

  • Data management software (such as IBM HSM, CA-DISK, FDR/ABR)
  • Tape management software (such as IBM RMM, CA-1, CA-TLMS, BMC Control-M/Tape)
  • Tape encryption software (such IBM Encryption Facility, CA Tape Encryption)
  • Storage reporting software (such as Rocket Mainstar HSM reporter)

Run side-by-side legacy products

Designed to run side by side legacy products and enables low risk migration and faster time to value

  • Use only for a specific environment or application
  • Use only specific function such as archiving or create a DR copy
  • Start saving immediately by avoiding costs of upcoming VTL storage upgrades
  • Increase savings by reducing existing VTL storage
  • Finally, eliminate virtual tapes completely

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