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Cost Reduction

Slash hardware and software expenses with a single, software-based solution that frees your mainframe MIPS from backup and archival tasks.

Model9’s Cloud Data Manager for Mainframe reduces or eliminates tape or virtual tape storage costs, and replaces legacy management software such as DFSMShsm with a single consolidated solution.
Eliminate Mainframe Hardware Costs

Model9 writes the data directly from the mainframe to object storage in any public or private cloud provider with no additional storage hardware required. Replacing your on-prem tape or VTL libraries with cloud storage can reduce storage costs.

Consolidate Data in a Single Software Solution

Model9 gives you a consolidated cloud data management solution that eliminates the need for backup management, tape management, tape security, and reporting software.

Decrease MIPS Consumption

Model9 reduces costs by offloading mainframe data management processing onto zIIP engines, reducing the consumption of mainframe MIPS by up to 90%, before sending the data over TCP/IP protocol onto cloud object storage.

Additionally, Model9’s ELT method can transform the files in your cloud destination into open formats, eliminating the MIPS consumption required by antiquated ETL methodology to achieve the same purpose.

Free Up Mainframe Experts’ Time

Model9 has a user-friendly GUI that visualizes mainframe data management tasks that traditionally required mainframe expertise. This frees mainframe experts up to stop spending time managing mainframe backup and archive tasks, and instead shift their focus to other mainframe needs.

Solution Benefits
Eliminate the cost of proprietary mainframe hardware
Use a single cloud data management software solution and stop paying for multiple tools
Reduce MIPS consumption for data management purposes
Eliminate reliance on employees with expert mainframe technology training
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