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Model9 and Google Cloud Platform

Manage your mainframe data assets in Google Cloud Platform and use them with GCP applications.

Model9 Cloud Data Manager for Mainframe makes it possible to replace your legacy mainframe data backup management software with GCP. Transfer your mainframe data to the cloud and benefit from data backups, analytics applications, and replace tape and VTL entirely.
A Complete Google Cloud Platform - Mainframe Data Management Solution

Manage your data quickly and easily. Model9 eliminates the need for mainframe-specific experience, and discovers all mainframe data assets automatically for delivery to GCP. You can then access them via Google Cloud Platform Applications.

Replace Legacy VTL and Tape Library Storage with Google Cloud Platform

Model9 lets you use GCP for cloud backups and disaster recovery, eliminating the need for your legacy mainframe backup system. Eliminate your legacy VTL solution and migrate all of your mainframe tape data to GCS.

One Repository for Your Mainframe and Open Formats Data

Transform mainframe formatted data into open formats on the GCP via Model9’s lightweight software agent. Once the data has been moved and transformed in the GCP, without consuming mainframe CPU, it can be integrated with any downstream application including BigQuery, Bare Metal, Cloud SQL from a unified repository.

Data-First Cloud Migration

Model9 cloud data manager for mainframe delivers defined data to a target in GCP, which can then be transformed into open formats. Model9 will automatically discover, map, and list all SGs, volumes, and datasets available for migration. You can also directly migrate your existing archives to GCP – making it a data-first approach that accelerates your path to Google Cloud Platform adoption.

Solution Benefits
Use mainframe data with Google Cloud Platform applications including BigQuery, Bare Metal, and Cloud SQL
Make mainframe migration projects faster, easier, and safer than ever before
Modernize your data center infrastructure and eliminate proprietary tapes
Use GCP for your mainframe backup, archive, and disaster recovery
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