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Model9 and Hitachi Content Platform (HCP)

Model9 and Hitachi provide an end-to-end solution for mainframe data management, backup, disaster recovery, cyber resiliency, and analytics.

Together, the Model9 and Hitachi solutions address all your primary and secondary mainframe data management needs. Model9’s patented technology connects the mainframe to the Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) directly over TCP/IP so you can transfer any mainframe data, current or historical, whether stored on disk or tape, with no need for interim disk storage.
Model9 - Hitachi Joint Solution | Mainframe Data Management
Eliminate VTLs and Tapes

Model9 allows you to supplement or completely eliminate the need for physical or virtual tape libraries, and also replaces multiple legacy products by consolidating the functionality of multiple backup and tape management tools into a single solution. It can also coexist side-by-side with legacy backup processes.

Consolidated Mainframe Data Management, Backup, and DR

Model9 supports HCP as a storage target by enabling efficient mainframe data movement and transition for use in backups, archiving, data transformation, and analytics as part of a full data management solution in private or hybrid cloud environments.

Model9 allows you to perform backup, archive, space management and disaster recovery using object storage and to completely replace legacy tape storage and backup management software. You can easily migrate long-term archives to the HCP platform.

Slash Mainframe Data Management Costs

Model9 can reduce costs as much as 50% by lowering mainframe backup and archive MSU consumption via the replacement of multiple data management software licenses and hardware components with one single software solution that uses affordable object storage.

Monetize Current Or Historical Data For Use In BI Tools And Analytics Services

Mainframe data stored by Model9 in HCP can also be extracted, transformed, and accessed by Hitachi Content Intelligence (HCI) and Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) as well as other standard cloud analytic tools.

Solution Benefits
Create secured backup copies directly to HCP
Recover and restore data quickly directly from HCP
Cut costs by 50% or more by reducing mainframe backup and archive MSU consumption, consolidating software licenses and using affordable cloud storage
Replace costly virtual tape hardware (VTS, VTL etc.) with affordable public or on-prem cloud storage
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