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Mainframe Data Migration to Cloud

Move mainframe data sets, at scale, without the need to change mainframe applications.

Mainframe application migration can be a complex and lengthy process. But you can start with the data. Model9 makes moving data to the cloud easy with practical, affordable technology that’s fast and scalable. Data transformation in the cloud can then make that data available for cloud applications.
Diagram | Mainframe Data Migration to the Cloud | Model9
Data-led Mainframe to Cloud Migration Approach

Model9 can handle the movement, transformation, and integration of almost any form of mainframe data with little or no impact on online or batch windows. Data set attributes are preserved as metadata in the cloud, so you can test your move or transformation as often as needed. And, it is so easy, even non-mainframe people can employ it without difficulty.

Policies Make it Simple

Model9 allows you to set policies to move some data sets or all data sets automatically, reducing oversight and management needs compared to alternative data movement methods. 

Model9 can make use of COBOL copybooks to parse data set records into fields. These features are useful whether you are refactoring, rehosting, or rearchitecting.

Solution Benefits
Accelerate cloud migration projects by leveraging non-mainframe skills and simplified data movement
Maintain and access mainframe data after migrating to meet corporate and regulatory requirements without the traditional high costs
Reduce burden on your mainframe by offloading data to external platforms
Empower analytics and new applications in the cloud for some of your most valuable data with Model9’s data transform capabilities
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