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Model9 and MinIO

All the benefits of mainframe data in the cloud — decreased cost, increased performance, and even the elimination of VTS and tapes.

The Model9 + MinIO solution lets companies without object storage easily relocate mainframe data to secure and high-performance open systems SAN/NAS storage.
Reuse Existing Infrastructure

Model9 + MinIO lets you reuse your open systems’ existing infrastructure and storage for your mainframe as secondary storage. You get the benefits of a cloud data manager for mainframe without needing to purchase anything new.

Decrease Costs

In addition to saving money on changing your infrastructure, Model9’s cloud data management software implements low-cost, low-impact data movement running on mainframe zIIP engines.

Increase Performance

Model9 + MinIO gives you a high-performance software-defined object-storage solution, delivering petabyte and exabyte scalability for backup, archive, DR, and Big Data analytics with your mainframe data.

Eliminate VTLs and Tapes

MinIO + Model9 eliminates the need for VTLs/tapes and empowers companies to make mainframe data accessible to powerful BI-applications in the cloud.

Solution Benefits
Modern, flexible, scalable object-storage architecture for your backup, archive, and DR
High-performance, cost-effective object storage at lower costs than VTL or tape storage
Reduce MSU consumption by using zIIP engines to manage data
Use cloud-based BI and analytics applications to monetize mainframe data
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