MinIO Object Storage

Model9 and MinIO have partnered to offer a powerful, scalable and cost-effective cloud-based object storage solution for mainframe


The solution is composed of Model9’s cloud data management software that runs on the mainframe’s zIIP processors, providing cost-efficient storage, backup, archive, and recovery functionalities with an easy-to-use interface that requires no object-storage knowledge or skills.

MinIO’s high-performance object-storage software-defined server provides petabyte and exabyte scalability for backup, archive, DR, and big-data analytics operations. It runs on Intel-based infrastructures and is compatible with all major public and private cloud providers, including AWS S3.

Model9 transforms MinIO’s high-performance, low-cost object storage into a mainframe-ready, cloud-based storage solution, allowing enterprises to eliminate the need for legacy mainframe storage systems – such as tapes and VTLs. 

Opening the World of Object Storage to Mainframes

The world of flexible, modern object storage has largely been inaccessible to mainframes. Thanks to the joint Model9/MinIO solution, it is now both easy and affordable.

Model9 turns MinIO’s high-performance, low-cost object storage into a mainframe-ready, cloud-based storage solution, that helps organizations retire costly VTL and tape-based systems.

The solution makes it possible for IT operations to easily move massive mainframe data archives to more cost-effective, cloud-based object storage. Now, regulatory data or medical records can be protected and preserved more cost-effectively. Just as important, the solution provides quick access to valuable historical and statistical data formerly locked away as “cold” storage, enabling its use in analytics and other business intelligence initiatives.

The cloud-based object storage can be used to economically store and retrieve vast amounts of data – at speeds of up to 180 Gbps.

Inside Model9

Model9 provides a zIIP-eligible agent that runs on z/OS while a separate management server runs within a Docker container on Linux, z/Linux, or zCX. The agent reads and writes Mainframe data from DASD or tape directly to MinIO over TCP/IP using DFDSS as the underlying data mover. The agent also harnesses other standard z/OS data management services, such as system catalog integration, SMS policy compliance, and RACF authorization controls. Compression and encryption are performed either using zEDC and CryptoExpress cards if available, or using zIIP engines themselves.

MinIO/Model9 Solution Benefits

Modernize backup, archive and DR operations with a flexible, scalable object-storage architecture designed for on-prem architectures.

Lower TCO by replacing tape systems, VTLs and tape-management software with performant, cost effective object storage.

Save 50% or more on MSU consumption by offloading data management processing to zIIP engines.

Leverage mainframe data for value-added business intelligence initiatives and analytics.

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