[Webinar] Protect Your Most Trusted Mainframe Data Across the World in an Age of Heightened Cyber-security


Model9 and NetApp StorageGRID

Modernize mainframe environments with Model9 and NetApp StorageGRID and replace expensive, proprietary tape environments, opening up mainframe data for analytics.

Mainframe environments are typically some of the most siloed infrastructures. Data is stored in proprietary formats and protected by expensive software and FICON-enabled tape libraries, or virtual tape libraries (VTLs). These closed ecosystems tend to innovate less and cost more.
Model9 and NetApp have partnered on a solution that saves costs and helps you achieve your business goals.
Improve backup and restore operations for mainframe environments

Model9’s Shield and Manager products can help customers replace expensive VTL systems with cost-effective, scalable, and reliable object storage. NetApp® StorageGRID® object storage can offer up to 15 nines of data durability and up to 11 nines of data availability. Its single namespace spans multiple geo-distributed sites and information lifecycle management (ILM) policies can ingest backup data in proximity of the mainframe and move the data to a bunker or long-term retention site, improving the resiliency of the solution.

Model9 Shield can take advantage of the StorageGRID Object Lock functionality to protect backup data from ransomware. Unlike sequential VTL operations, object storage supports parallel requests, improving the overall backup throughput and reducing backup and restore times.

Unlock your mainframe data

In addition to saving money on changing your infrastructure, Model9’s cloud data management software implements low-cost, low-impact data movement running on mainframe zIIP engines.

About NetApp

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As a cloud-led, data-centric software company,

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Solution Benefits
Protect your mainframe data by storing a copy in an immutable format by using the StorageGRID Object Lock feature.
Maintain control of your data with StorageGRID, the premier on-premises object store solution.
Improve data-driven decision making by allowing artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics applications to access mainframe data stored on StorageGRID, using the S3 protocol.
Cut costs by reducing expensive mainframe CPU consumption, and by taking advantage of cost-effective StorageGRID object storage.
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