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Tape / VTL Replacement

End the cycle of investment, renewal, and upgrades for tape-based backup. Leverage modern and scalable cloud for faster and more cost-effective data management.

Say goodbye to tapes and Virtual Tape Libraries (VTLs). Model9’s Cloud Data Manager for Mainframe replaces legacy hardware and software, with any cloud or object storage system, performing all data management functions over a single software-only solution.
Leverage Cloud

Cloud is the ultimate mainframe peripheral, offering secure, unlimited, tiered storage to meet ad hoc needs or permanent requirements. It’s the most powerful tool for delivering agility and breaking the endless cycle of hardware and software upgrades and chronic overprovisioning.

Freedom From Tape

With the Model9 data set import policy, it’s easy to copy any data set to cloud storage directly from tape. Model9 has designed the process to be simple and automated to support the migration of large amounts of data from tape to cloud, enabling the complete replacement of VTL hardware with cloud storage. With Model9, it is even possible to take tape data sets stored in cloud storage and export them back to disk or tape for processing by mainframe applications.

Additionally, Model9’s ELT method can transform the files in your cloud destination into open formats, eliminating the MIPS consumption required by antiquated ETL methodology to achieve the same purpose.

Cloud Data Sets - From Application to Cloud Without Rewriting JCL

Write/read mainframe data sets directly to and from the cloud, without converting tape-oriented applications. Operations on tape storage are automatically redirected to the cloud – without rewriting JCL. Our software-only solution performs the data transfer directly, requiring no interim disk space on DASD, and enables customers to completely stop relying on physical or virtual tape hardware.

Solution Benefits
Simplifies implementation of cloud backup, archive, and DR directly from the mainframe to private or public cloud
Saves on legacy storage costs and software licenses, and reduces MSU consumption by 50% or more
Model9 and cloud delivers faster access speeds than traditional tape-based systems
Reduce the amount of time it takes to backup your data
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