Virtual Tape reduction and elimination

Model9 performs standard mainframe data management functions while utilizing any network-attached distributed storage systems and the cloud instead of virtual tape hardware.

Leverage modern storage options

Storing data set backups, archives and full volume dumps in distributed storage, substantially reduces the amount of data in the VTL. Data retrieval for recovery, restore, recall and automatic recall is also supported directly from distributed storage or cloud. Moreover, a bare-metal recovery option is provided to allow restore in DR situations without relying on an existing mainframe operating system.

Eliminate virtual tape

The solution eliminates the dependency on virtual tapes for mainframe data backup and archive and reduces the CPU and I/O overhead associated with large tape environments such as virtual tape management, recycling and expiration.

Certified storage options


Run side by side

Start saving immediately by running side by side existing data management software and existing VTL hardware. Begin by avoiding costs of upcoming VTL storage upgrades, continue by reducing existing VTL storage and tape management overhead and finally eliminate virtual tapes completely.

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